About Dean Peterson

Greetings, digital explorers! You've just debugged into the world of Dean Peterson - a code-crunching software architect, pixel-pushing developer, and design aficionado.

This virtual portfolio is my creative console, spilling over with pet projects, technicolor talents, and blog posts – each byte delivering a punch of wisdom.

With a hefty baggage of knowledge – a Computer Science degree, a Masters in Software Engineering, and a treasure trove of experience in crafting seamless software – I've forged this digital alcove to put on display my array of skills and chronicle my odyssey through the ever-evolving tech labyrinth.

With my hands firmly on the joystick of ChatGPT and AI techniques, Low Code platforms, and the heavy-lifters Kubernetes/Openshift, I'm busy booting up into a 1000x architect and developer. This dynamic tech trinity is set to perform a system update on the software sphere, promising an era of groundbreaking innovation.

Bidding adieu to the obsolete needle-and-thread tactic of software development, I've adopted the technomagic loom, weaving a tapestry of immeasurable value in the software kingdom. So, lace up your digital hiking boots and come along on this exciting trek, as we conquer the mountains of innovation one line of code at a time!